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Pet Hospitality

We offer veterinary supervised boarding for both dogs and cats at Rose City Veterinary Hospital. Our runs are indoors only and climate controlled for even temperatures year round. Our cat boarding area is separate from our dog boarding area and each cat is housed in a double-wide Kitty Condo. Dogs have the option of staying in either a standard run or an Executive Suite. Soothing music is piped in to help keep your pet calm. We provide food and bedding unless your pet requires a special diet. You are welcome to bring their bedding and toys but we are not responsible for items damaged by your pet.

To ensure the protection of all pets under our care, all boarders must be in good health and spayed or neutered. All pets must have had an exam with a veterinarian at our facility within the past year, be current on flea control, and be current on the following vaccinations:

  • Dogs: Rabies, Distemper/Parvovirus, Bordetella, Canine Influenza Vaccine, and negative fecal test within the past year.
  • Cats: Rabies, Distemper Respiratory (FVRC), and negative fecal test within the past year.

**For first time dog boarders who weigh more than 30lbs, we require them to come in for a partial day trial board before they are scheduled to stay with us. We want to assure that the hustle and bustle of the kennel area will not cause them any anxiety or stress, and that they will be comfortable and happy while boarding here. The cost of a trial board would be $24, regardless of the outcome.

Boarding Rates

Dogs have the option of staying in either a standard run, where the price per night is based on the size of your pet, or for a flat-rate in one of our Executive Suites, which include larger sized runs, glass front doors, and webcams for you to check in on them. Dogs who wish to board together may have access to one another by sharing a run or a suite (at the same price per dog per night).

Standard Runs
  • 01-19# - $49.00/night per dog
  • 20-45# - $49.00/night per dog
  • 46-75# - $51.00/night per dog
  • 75# - $55.00/night per dog


Executive Suites

$65.00/night per dog


$39.00/night per cat.
Cats who wish to board together may have access to one another by sharing two condos (at the same price per cat per night), or by staying in ONE condo for a reduced fee of $59.00 (total for both cats).


Additional Services While Boarding

$7.00/day: Single time administration of medication per day. If medications are to be administered more than once a day, the maximum charge for medicating in a single day will not exceed $14.00.

$4.00/day: Daily Kong treat stuffed with Kong Brand paste and treats for dogs to help alleviate boredom.

Massage services: If you would like to book massage(s) for your pet while they stay with us, make sure to call in advance. Your pet can have as many massages as you like based on massage therapist, Rubi Sullivan’s schedule. Please visit our Pet Massage page or Heal Animal Massage Therapy’s website for further information. Massages are offered at 60 minutes for $95.

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