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Pet Charities

Rose City Veterinary Hospital is proud to have partnered with several local pet charities in order to give back to the community and help those pets and people who need it most.

Our House: Friends of People With AIDS

Since 1998, Our House has provided healthcare, housing, and other vital services to low-income people living with HIV/AIDS. Their organization has expanded greatly over the past few years and their commitment to helping those struggling with basic financial necessities in the face of disease is a greatly needed, but rarely offered, service in the Portland community.

When Rose City teamed up with Our House, our mission was to help take care of the pets belonging to Our House beneficiaries so that they could continue to live with and gain the support and love companion animals offer without worrying about additional medical expenses. While Our House is currently not accepting new clients for this program, we continue to help those who were previously referred to us. Already established patients receive preventative care for their pet companions at no cost and discounted care for sick pets.

To learn more about Our House and the many ways they are involved in our community, please visit their website.

Canine Companions for Independence

Canine Companions for Independence puppies have a special purpose in life, growing up to provide independence to a person with a disability. These dogs are trained, service animals who specialize in a variety of tasks to assist the special needs of their human handlers. A CCI Service Dog not only assists with physical tasks, but also provides social support. Prior to going to live with their permanent human companion, CCI puppies must go through detailed training and socialization.

One somewhat unconventional location where these puppy students are always undergoing this training is at The Coffee Creek Correctional Facility in Wilsonville, OR. The Canine Companions prison puppy raising program has made great strides since its inception in 1995, enriching the lives of the puppies as well as the inmates who have fed sheltered, toileted, and provided love and attention to the puppies that have passed through the program.

Rose City Veterinary Hospital is always sponsoring one such puppy, who receives his or her veterinary care from us at no charge.

To learn more about this fascinating organization, please visit CCI’s website.

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