Exam Room Assistants

Exam Room Assistants are the right hand to our veterinarians during appointments. They bridge the gap between the clients and the doctor once they are in the exam rooms and take in your pet’s history. The ERAs keep the doctors moving between appointments by getting vaccinations, prescriptions and exam rooms ready.


Krystal and her brother's cats Krystal began working for Rose City in April 2010. She is currently our Pharmacy and Exam Room Supervisor. She takes patient care very seriously and is always looking for new and better ways to make our patients feel more comfortable while they visit us, and to help educate clients about animal care. She has been in the animal field for a total of seven years. She is always on the hunt for new recipes to try out at home, and has an affinity for a wide variety of music, bad reality television, and traveling. She shares her home with three amazing cats, Buffy, O’Malley, and Penguin, as well as her husband and daughter, Audrey.


Cody, Katie, Sophie, and Georgi Katie is one of those employees who has done a little bit of everything for Rose City, and has enjoyed growing with and supporting the hospital for over 11 years. Her time with us has proven that she has dedicated her life to promoting the best care possible for animal companions. Katie finds joy in cooking and baking delicious meals and treats, often using produce which she grows in her own garden. She shares her home with Cody, a Border Collie mix, Henry, a terrier mix, and an orange tabby, Orion, as well as her husband and children, Sophie and Ethan.


Peter and his dog, Violet Peter graduated from Oregon State University with Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Science and a minor in Chemistry. He has a strong desire to work with animals to preserve the human-animal bond. Growing up as an only child, animals were his siblings, and he is very interested in the emotional and psychological effect companion animals have on humans. Peter previously worked as a Kennel Assistant at Bush Animal Hospital in Eugene, OR, as a Veterinary Technician Assistant at the Oregon State Animal Isolation Laboratory, and has volunteered as a dog handler in the Iditarod Dog Race in Anchorage, AK. He is heavily into photography and music, is an Eagle scout, loves traveling, and is slightly obsessed with Duck football and basketball. He has a Brittany dog, Violet, and an orange tabby kitten, Leonard.


Drea and Rena Growing up in Wisconsin, Drea spent her summers on her family’s cattle ranch in the company of many four-legged creatures. This upbringing began a lifelong love of all animals, which Drea has exemplified in her career and personal life as a pet-advocate and vegetarian. Working with animals for almost two decades, Drea has spent much of her career working with horses, but has a special interest in small animals. She studied Social Sciences and English at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, and moved to Portland in 1997. She is enamored with all the natural beauty Oregon has to offer, and enjoys hiking/camping, reading, playing guitar, listening to music and horseback riding.


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